Rinker Boats

Rinker boats are one of the oldest American boat brands, starting in the 1930s with fishing boat production and latter racing boats. In 1958 Rinker build introduced fibreglass in to the manufacturing process, long before many of its competitor’s. The 1980’s saw the introductions of the new logo and new designs. 1988 saw the launch of the Rinker Fiesta V 255 Cruiser which established Rinker as a cruiser manufacturer. In 1995 when Rinker was 50 years old, Rinker was producing some of the most popular express cruisers, including the Fiesta Vee range.
In 2005 the company merged with Global Group and continue to produce
Rinker boats, producing well designed craft from the new Captiva to the 290 Express Cruiser boats with innovative designs and known as best value and high quality.


Rinker Boats Models