Birchwood 25

Launched in 1968, the Birchwood Intercepter was the largest of the range. NOw Birchwood International does not manufacture smaller craft.
In 1975 the intercepter was renamed the Birchwwod 25, these where build till 1980.

The cabin is open plan, accomadation 4 berths with the dinette seating pulling out to make into a double.
The Intercepter has a hard top helm, while the 25 has a more extensive shelter, giving a more enclosed wheel house. Ample size toilet compartemnt and galley, with wood finish.
The craft a has a shaollw vee hull.
Engine configuration varied, but most of the craft where fitted with a single outdrive and usually a 115 or 130 hp petrol volvo.

Length: 25′

Beam: 9’3″

Draught: 2′