Seamaster Admiral / Cadet

These craft are almost identical, The Cadet was launched in 1961 and the Admiral in 1963. Approximately 400 of these craft were built until 1967. The Admiral 25 was the first deluxe Seamaster cruiser produced. Based on the 24’ Cadet, it features a tunnel stern hull that enables the engine to be set in line with the propeller shaft, and completely under the cockpit floor. The Cadet has an open plan layout with 4 berths, 2 in the bow and the dinette areas converts to a double. There is a galley and sperate toilet compartment. The Admiral which was originally called the Cadet Mk11 has a similar layout but the berths in the bow are in a separate cabin. The hull and superstructure are a one piece moulding, the hull shape being a shallow V with a long shallow keel. Various engines were fitted, either twin or single petrol or diesels.


  • Length: 24’8”
  • Beam: 9’2”
  • Draught: 1’10”